Barking is a suburb of Greater London, within the Borough of Barking and Dagenham. Being part of the historic county of Essex, Barking is rich with its fair share of ancient English architecture and landscape. 

With the charming atmosphere of this suburban town, Barking is a place you will find delightful as a tourist. 

Keep reading to discover some fun things to do while touring Barking. 

What is Barking famous for?

Barking is famous for producing over a third of London’s energy. But the Barking Power Station aside, tourists also find the town attractive for its forest of historical sites and famous institutions. 

We’re talking about the British Museum, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, The London Eye, the Broadway Theatre, and many more. 

Things to do in Barking 

If you’re visiting Barking, there are many things to do, see and experience. 

You can check out the tall list of museums, monuments and other historical sites. 

Or if a good show is much more your vibe, you can visit the Broadway Theatre, Showcase Cinema or Eastbury Manor House. 

You can visit Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, the Land of Lights, and many more fun places. 

There are also amazing restaurants with mouthwatering menus you can try out as well. 

Is Barking a good place to stay?

Barking is a good place to live, especially with the revamping of the entire town centre. It was also ranked the 9th happiest place to stay in the country. 

Is Barking classed as London? 

Yes, Barking is classed as part of London. It is an up-and-coming suburb on the eastern side of Britain’s capital. 

Is Barking a good place to buy the property?

Barking boasts top-tier transport connections into Central London and several regenerations and developmental projects.

It is also one of the country’s cheapest places to buy property. 

As a developing area, Barking has a promising industrial and domestic future and is a great place to purchase the property. 

Is Barking and Dagenham rich? 

Though ranked as one of the happiest places to live, Barking and Dagenham is a relatively poor town. Most people living there earn below the Living Wage and live in poverty.

However, the various projects and investments being made into the town provide hope for Barking and Dagenham in terms of industrial development. 

Barking Riverside

Barking Riverside is a new community situated along River Thames within Barking town. It has provided new healthcare, social and commercial facilities, and over 10,000 homes for its residents. 

The neighbourhood was built on the 179-hectare land previously occupied by the Barking Power Station. The newly commissioned Barking Riverside Overground station links the town to North and Central London. 

Is Barking safe? 

Currently, the crime rate in Barking is reported to be 0.63% higher than in London and 14% higher than the overall figures of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Despite these figures, residents of Barking and some visitors say that the London suburb is not unsafe.


In conclusion, Barking is a great place to visit if you’re a history fanatic. Its wide range of historic buildings and architecture, religious establishments, monuments and museums will be more than enough to satisfy your obsession. 

It is also a relatively safe destination and a really cool place to stay in.

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