Spanish Town Jamaica
Spanish Town Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful island country situated in the Caribbean sea, The country is popular for its enchanting natural beauty, evergreen rainforests, dreamy beaches, wonderful culture, and the home of reggae music.

Jamaica boasts several charming cities and historical sites, which makes it a hot spot for many tourists.

Spanish Town Jamaica
Spanish Town Jamaica

Spanish Town happens to be one of those places, and in this article, we will answer some of the questions potential tourists usually have regarding the place.

What is the safest area in Jamaica?

Although Jamaica is a relatively safe location for tourism and vacations, there are still some areas to which tourists and other visitors are better off sticking.

Based on our research, the safest area in Jamaica is Montego Bay. It is also one of the country’s top cities for tourists. If you are the type who enjoys the thrill of buzzing nightlife, then Montego Bay is the place for you.

Is Spanish Town rural or urban?

Spanish Town is an urban city. It used to be the capital of Jamaica until after the English captured the Island and renamed Kingston the capital city in 1872.

Spanish Town is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Jamaica. It is an ancient and very historic town yet buzzing with modern life.

Is Spanish Town in Jamaica safe for travellers?

Aside from petty thefts, hacking, car thefts, and others common in all industrial areas worldwide, our research has proven that Spanish Town is not a complete red flag for travellers or tourists. 

Spanish Town jamaica Security
Spanish Town jamaica Security

However, the area is not frequented by tourists, so a foreigner visiting the place will likely attract a lot of attention.

Is Kingston and Spanish Town the same?

No, Kingston and Spanish Town are not the same places. The only thing the two have in common is that Kingston succeeded Spanish Town as the capital city of Jamaica after the English took over the land in 1655.

The two cities are close geographically, though. The driving distance between Kingston and Spanish Town is about 13 miles, 21 kilometres. The journey should only last about 27 minutes when travelling by car. 

Has Spanish Town Jamaica had curfews?

Yes, Spanish Town and a few other Jamaican communities were curfewed for 48 hours by the country’s police service to help combat crime and some deadly violence that gripped the cities earlier this year between June and July 2022. 

As of the time of writing, however, the curfews have been long lifted, and Spanish Town is back to being a relatively average industrial city. 


Spanish Town is one of Jamaica’s oldest and most historic cities ever. Despite how ancient it is, Spanish Town did not slack in keeping up with modernity.

Spanish Town Jamaica
Spanish Town Jamaica

And while it might not be the safest place in the world for tourists, travellers are guaranteed to enjoy kindness and hospitality from the locals.

Jamaica should be on the bucket list of every tourist and travel enthusiast, from the rainforests to the mountains, to the white beaches and crystal clear Caribbean sea, not forgetting the many years’ wor

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