south africa solo female travel (1)
south africa solo female travel (1)

As the name suggests, South Africa is located in the Southern part of the African continent. 

Like all African countries, South Africa prides itself on its rich cultural heritage and history. 

The country is one of the largest and most visited on the African continent.

It is also a relatively safe destination for solo travelers, male or female.

This article answers nearly all the questions tourists and travel enthusiasts usually have about visiting South Africa; keep reading to find out more. 

Is South Africa safe for solo female travelers? 

As beautiful as the country is, some parts of South Africa are notorious for numerous criminal activities. Johannesburg, for instance.

Female tourists traveling alone are better off limiting their adventures to more friendly locations within the country, like Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. These parts are perfectly safe. 

Is Cape Town safe for solo female travelers? 

Yes, Cape Town is a safe destination for females traveling alone. The city is by far one of the safest in the whole of South Africa. 

Known for its breathtaking scenery, beautiful beaches, and two oceans, Cape Town is a paradise for female visitors. 

south africa safe for solo female travellers
south africa safe for solo female travellers

It is, however, not to say that standard safety precautions should be disregarded. 

How do you protect yourself as a woman traveling alone? 

The best way to protect yourself as a woman traveling alone is to avoid situations that put your safety at risk. 

Avoid walking isolated streets at night, always ensure you have a map, and don’t take public transport at night. 

You can also consider joining tour groups or befriending other solo female travelers. 

What do solo female travelers do? 

If you’re a lady traveling alone and looking for fun activities to add to your list, you have come to the right place. 

There are tons of fun things you can do when traveling alone. The best part is you can do everything according to your schedule and pace. 

You can visit museums and other historical sites, go on cruises, try some fancy cafes and restaurants, go shopping for souvenirs at craft markets, attend festivals or concerts, go on dates or chill at the beach and work on that summer tan!

There are many more activities that you can try out depending on your destination. 

Can a woman travel to Africa alone? 

Anybody can travel to Africa alone as long as they stay away from crime-ridden countries and cities.

Like every other continent, only some places are great for tourism. 

Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Namibia, and Madagascar, or some tremendous African countries female travelers can visit alone.

What should you not do when traveling alone? 

Traveling alone requires paying a lot more attention to your safety because, unlike traveling with a group, there’s no one else to look for you. 

Here are some essential things solo travelers are to avoid on their trips 

When traveling alone, avoid walking alone at night. 

Walking around alone, especially at night, makes you an easy target for thieves. 

You must also avoid getting too drunk. It makes you vulnerable to every crime. 

Again, a solo traveler should give only a few details. Avoid giving the stranger too much personal information when asking for directions or any form of assistance. 

Finally, as a solo traveler, do not overpack. Remember you will be in a foreign city alone, and you can’t count on anyone for help, so it’s best to limit your luggage to essentials only. 


South Africa is a beautiful destination for females traveling alone. If you stick to the safe regions and observe all the usual self-safety protocols, you will have beautiful experiences even without company.

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