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Is paris safe for solo female travellers?

Paris is recorded as the most visited place in the entire world. Popularly known as the ‘city of romance,’ Paris is most visited by female tourists and travel enthusiasts. 

Paris is also one of the safest travel destinations for female travelers, even those visiting alone.

This article goes into further detail about Paris and how to stay safe and enjoy the enchanting French culture when visiting alone.

What is the safest city in France for solo female travelers?

Nice is considered the safest city in France for solo female travelers. It is the capital of the French Riviera and the fifth-largest city in France.

paris travels
Paris travels

Nice is known for its grace and alluring beauty. It is considered a haven for the perfect self-care vacation for ladies traveling solo.

Tips for traveling to Paris alone as a female

For ladies visiting Paris alone and for the first time, here are some helpful tips to keep in your back pocket.

Always have a map

Whether a hardcopy map or a virtual one, always ensure that you have a map at your disposal for emergencies. Having both is even better. In case you get lost, your maps will be there to get you back on track. 

Asking random people for directions isn’t the best, especially when you’re alone at night. Looking lost is one of the beacons thieves look out for.

Dress to fit in

Ever heard of the saying, ‘When in Rome, do as Romans do?’ Well, that applies here as well. When visiting France, dress like the local women. Wear beautiful sundresses and shorts with flowery tops. 

Not only will this help you enjoy the French culture better, but it will also prevent you from inviting thieves by looking out of place.

Don’t drink too much.

Don’t forget you’re in a foreign land with no friends or family. When out or on a date with that charming monsieur, keep your alcohol intake low and never leave your drink unattended.

Don’t compromise your accommodation.

Pay as much as you can afford for quality accommodation. Good hotels in Paris are quite expensive but do your best to ensure that the one you pick is as safe as it is beautiful. 

The little extra you put into booking a more secure hotel will be worth it.

Be vigilant

We can never stress enough on safety. Though you’ll be walking the streets of one of the world’s safest cities, it is always important to stay alert. Always ensure your bag is properly closed and avoid taking the metro transport at night. 

Is Paris safe for solo female travelers?

Yes, ladies visiting the city of love alone will be safe and comfortable if they follow the general safety precautions required in every urban city.

Is Paris safe for solo travelers?

Paris is a safe destination for all, solo or group. Just be on the lookout for pickpockets and petty thieves on the streets and in public transport, especially at night.

Is paris safe for solo female travellers?
Is paris safe for solo female travellers?

Things to do in Paris alone at night

Paris is an utter dreamland. There are tons of things you can do alone, especially during the nighttime. 

Taking a night cruise along the Seine River is a great option. You can spot the illuminated Eiffel Tower or see the Louvre. 

Or if you’re looking for something more lively, an eerie night concert at Sainte Chapelle or drinks at a rooftop bar will do the magic.

Best places to stay in Paris as a solo traveler

Certain factors contribute greatly to making your visit to Paris as magical as it should be, and one of them is where you stay. Good accommodation will set the mood and help you, as a solo traveler, to feel more at home.

Some great places to help you fall in love with Paris again every morning include Les Tournelles, Hotel de L’esperance, Libertel Canal St. Martin, CitizenM Hotel, etc.


Paris is the perfect city to vacation in. Though popularly known as a haven for couples, even solo travelers can still enjoy the ultimate French experience and natural allure of Paris. Aside from the common menace of petty thieves and pickpockets, the city is safe to visit alone. 

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