5+ Important Safety Tips for hotel rooms
5+ Important Safety Tips for hotel rooms

There is always a point in all our lives where hotel rooms become our homes away from home. 

Hotels are places to turn to for a business meeting, vacation, or even if you’re only looking for a place to stay while stranded in a foreign city.

5+ Important Safety Tips for hotel rooms
5+ Important Safety Tips for hotel rooms

Regardless of how homey and sophisticated they may feel, you must remember that hotels are still public places where you cannot be too careful in ensuring your safety.

Below are some safety tips that we are sure you will find helpful the next time you choose to stay in a hotel. Keep reading to learn more.

How can you make a hotel safe and secure?

There are many answers to this question. However, the most important one will be ensuring that functional security protocols are in place to protect the lives and properties of all guests.

Some security protocols include quality door locks, adequate numbers of emergency services, exits, and security personnel at vantage points within the hotel.

Why do hotel rooms have to be safe?

The answer is simple, to ensure that the lives and properties of all staff and guests living in the rooms are safe.

The safety of hotel rooms is as important as the hotel’s general hygiene and quality of food. Security is the critical thing most guests look out for when picking a hotel.

Important Safety Tips for hotel rooms

Here are some safety tips to consider when using a hotel room,

Always lock your hotel room door. 

The keyword here is always. Whether indoors or only stepping out briefly, always ensure that the door to your room is securely locked.

5+ Important Safety Tips for hotel rooms
5+ Important Safety Tips for hotel rooms

Know where the emergency exits are 

After you check into a hotel and your room, the next thing to do is to step out and find out from the staff where emergency exits are on your floor.

Ask to be taken to see them before finally settling in.

Keep your details private.

When you check a hotel, give your details to the front desk representative and nobody else. 

Beware of criminals who pose as staff members to try and get important information like your credit card and bank account details from you.

 Always look through the peephole and inquire who it is before opening the door.

If there is a knock on your hotel room door when you’re not expecting anyone and there was no last call from the front desk regarding the visit, check through the door’s peephole and then ring the front desk to inquire about the visitor before opening the door.

If you sense anything suspicious, stay put and call security or the police immediately.

Shut your windows and curtains

Always make sure you shut your windows and curtains before nighttime or before you take a nap or step out of the room. 

It is essential to lock your door, especially when the windows are wide shutters. It will protect both you and your belongings from criminals.

Request the right room

Requesting the fitting room goes beyond the size, price, and decor. It mainly involves safety and security. 

 Always ensure that the room given has functioning locks and phones, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits and is close enough to an emergency exit.

5+ Important Safety Tips for hotel rooms
5+ Important Safety Tips for hotel rooms

 Also, it would help if you steered away from rooms on the hotel’s topmost floor, as it is always the riskiest floor.

Which is the safest floor in hotels?

 Statistically, the safest floor in a hotel will be the second floor or any other one above it. It is because these floors usually require key card access, making it harder for criminals to break in. 

 Also, most fire truck ladders can reach the second to fourth floors in emergencies. The topmost floor is said to be the riskiest floor to pick.

What are the common risks in hotels?

 Staying in a hotel makes you prone to several common risks. Some of these include the risk of property loss either through theft or a fire outbreak, slips, falls, food/liquid spillages, trip hazards, and the minor injuries you could sustain from them. 


As convenient and comfortable as staying in a hotel could be, you should always remember it is still a public place and do your best to ensure your safety despite the measures the hotel itself puts in place. 

Upon reaching your room, ensure that all emergency services and exits are fully functional before settling in. 

 The hotel may do its best, but remember that, ultimately, your safety is in your own hands.

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